Why Join AHEPA?

Throughout our journey in the Order of AHEPA, many times we are faced with the challenges and issues, which make us ask, “What is in it for me?” That is not an easy question to answer, and certainly not one that has only one answer. Members join because they are asked to. If we do not invite people to join, why would they otherwise? Keeping them interested and active is where we need to focus. Everyone in AHEPA today knows at least one person that can join. Let’s ask them to!

There are a multitude of reasons and programs that can attract and retain our members. Here is a partial list, including programs that headquarters is undertaking to bring new, fresh ideas to fruition.


Through our most active members we can get the satisfaction of knowing that our interests in the Mediterranean (Greece, Cyprus) are being protected and promoted. The Cyprus and Hellenic Affairs Committe is charged with the protection of these traditions.


Dr. Monthe Kofos has headed up this department for over 25 years. This program is very vibrant with serveral tournaments throughout the year and around the country. Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Bowling, and many more athletic events round out this excellent program.


The AHEPA Educational Foundation awarded $77,000 in scholarships last year alone! The foundation is one of many AHEPA scholarship programs across the country, which awards scholarships. AHEPA awards over $1 million annually on a national and local level combined. We are always looking for supporters.

Hellenic Cultural Commission

This program serves as an arm of the Educational Foundation. The HCC promotes the preservation of the Greek classics and provides ideas for lectures and symposiums that promote Hellenism.


AHEPA provides a unique opportunity for this.

National Projects

AHEPA has serveral ongoing projects that are very noble and worthy of our energy. The AHEPA Bone Marrow Registry and AHEPA Cooley’s Anemia Foundation try to educate our members and the general public on how they can help save lives. The Kyklos Project works to erect a historical piece of artwork for AHEPA at each of the Olympic Games. There are many more projects such as these to promote our ideals.


The AHEPA Journey to Greece program will afford members or children of members a unique trip to Greece to “visit” our roots. This excursion will help educate and inspire our youth for the next generation.

AHEPA Membership Application